Industrial applications covers many areas including agriculture, oil & gas, construction, power generation & utilities, medical and machine to machine. All of these areas have a common requirement for high precision, accurate, reliable and seamless technology which is robust and able to stand up to the demanding and often safety critical nature of the use of GNSS in these areas.


GNSS research in the university and scientific communities has pushed the boundaries of knowledge since the first GPS satellites were launched. Modern times show the signals from multiple-satellite constellation systems being received on a single board, utilising multiple frequencies to push the boundaries of accuracy and precision. Scientific exploration and research such as ionospheric scintillation, earth deformation and other geophysical topics all heavily use high precision GNSS systems often for baseline data gathering.

As well as supplying high precision GNSS equipment such as multi-constellation receivers from Septentrio, into scientific establishments, Chronos is also involved in the research field itself.

Simulation and Testing

Industrial, scientific and machine control applications benefit particularly from GNSS simulation, record & replay systems. To research, develop, test and manufacture effectively you need a controlled and repeatable signal source. Simulators can test the fully capability of the GNSS product whether it be a dedicated machine development system or a research concept, and can lead to shorter development cycles and a reduction in in-field testing.

The advent of record & replay systems such as theLabSat product by our partner Racelogic can provide flexible affordable testing in the development, verification and support phases of a product lifecycle.

A flexible range of external signals can be incorporated in the data-recording, allowing for replay of these signals plus other inputs into the system as a whole, allowing complete 'hardware in the loop' testing using the same synchronised time source.

More complex user derived simulation scenarios can be created with the Satgen software from the LabSat.

Bespoke GPS Timing Services

Chronos is able to provide bespoke GPS based timing systems, specified to particular customer requirements. Our design in service allows customers to detail their problem and Chronos will work with them to provide a solution. Accurate time-base; laboratory GNSS distribution; frequency distribution and measurement; customer application boards and OEM integration packs are all services offered to customers utilising the in-house skills or those of our partners. We are also able to integrate multiple types of system such as Fibre Optic time distribution for specialist applications.