UN-006 E-Field Antenna

This innovative E-Field antenna provides outstanding performance in a compact design with overall length of just 13” and diameter of 3.75 inches.

UN-007 E-Field Antenna

The UN-007 is an active, omnidirectional E-Field antenna designed for use with the UN-155 Resilient PNT Receiver. The UN-007 has dual channel capability geared for applications that combine both LF and MF frequencies.

UN-151B Mitigator Series LF Receiver

UrsaNav's Mitigator series LF receiver UN151B receiver uses an external eLoran E-field or H-field antenna that is connected to the OEM module using the same antenna connector.

UN-008 eLoran H-Field Receiving Antenna

An active, omnidirectional, cross-loop, H-Field antenna designed for use in applications where E-Field antennas are not suitable.